A family business

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Our mission

It is our mission to integrate the goals of good land stewardship and food production for                      growers seeking elevated ROI through partnership with our company. We will focus on the            right products, services, strategies and continuing education to provide a conduit between        industry and the farm-gate.


Our unique approach

A note from Adam Kramer, co-founder and controlling member of Black Sand Granary, LLC

My education began on the family farm in the ways of land stewardship, animal husbandry, and crop production. Formal education at Iowa State University in the technical applications of agronomy was completed in 2005; I have lived and breathed food production for a lifetime.

[My wife] Kellie and I have worked on several projects, including a company called                    Growers United – a seed supply store and data management group. Black Sand Granary was developed as a way to provide a union of ideology: food production and land stewardship as one enterprise ... the culmination of industry experience and personal interests.

As our family and business grows, we see the demands of the world through a producer's eyes – the challenges and opportunities associated with a growing world population. Maintaining natural areas is paramount in this mission, a world in which all species thrive.

We have worked not only in production areas throughout the Midwest, helping farmers achieve yields through crop-plans and efficiency models, but also on restoration projects that turn less productive areas back to native stands that flourish.

We match well with individuals that love the land, that understand the place where production and preservation meet, and those that wish to sustain our greatest natural resource for the next generation.

There is nothing more satisfying than being involved in the industry that grows food for a growing world population, other than enjoying the natural bounty that abides in these areas. The Driftless Region of the Upper Mississippi Watershed is one of the most beautiful and productive areas on Earth. This constant reminder of the contrast between production and native areas invigorates our passion for helping folks interested in land as an investment. The investment can provide monetary gain, but what it can do above all is connect us to the very thing that makes us who we are.



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