Blue Grama

Blue grama is a warm season tufted perennial grass. It is native to the short and tall grass prairies, and makes up 75 % – 90% of the grasses found there.  Blue grama can grow up to 18 inches tall. It grows as a bunch grass, forming open sod mats. As it matures and is grazed on by animals, the bunches grow together forming a thick sod. Blue grama is an important prairie grass because its dense, shallow root mass holds down the soil and keeps it from blowing away. Because the root system is shallow, it can quickly absorb any rain that might fall.

- Warm season tufted perennial grass
- Grows on a wide range of soils
- Well adapted to clay & upland areas
- Demonstrates good drought, fair salinity and moderate alkalinity tolerance
- Excellent forage for all classes of livestock and wildlife
- May produce 2 or 3 crops of seed
- Mature height can be up to 10-20 inches

  • Price (per lb):  Call
  • Seeding Rate (PLS lbs per acre): 8-10
  • Seeding Date: April 1 - May 15
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