Birdsfoot trefoil

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Birdsfoot Trefoil is used as a high quality, non- bloating legume for pastures, hay and stock-piling. Erosion control: Birdsfoot Trefoil is often used for mine reclamation and other sites with marginal soils.  It is also often used in wildlife mixes and is an excellent food source for deer.


When harvested for hay, the first cutting should be taken at 1/10 bloom with a second cutting in mid to late August. To maintain a stand of birdsfoot trefoil, it is necessary to use a management system that provides sufficient regrowth between cuttings and allows the plant to reseed itself. Heavy grazing may be needed in the spring to reduce growth but close continuous grazing is not recommended because summer regrowth depends on energy supplied by top growth not root reserves like alfalfa. Leave 3 to 4 inches of top growth when grazing. 

  • Price (per lb):  Call
  • Seeds per lb: 370,000
  • Seeding Rate (lbs per acre): 8-10 (alone); 2-8 (in mixes)
  • Seeding Date: Early spring for best success
  • Seeding Depth: up to 1/4"