bulls-eye deer turnips

Bulls-Eye is intended for use as an attractant for deer and other wildlife. Plant Bulls-Eye at least 60 days before deer season if possible to allow adequate growth. This ensures that there will be enough forage to keep the deer coming back to your location for several weeks or even months. The best planting times are either Spring or early Fall. In some cases hunters have planted plots in the Spring and then replanted in the Fall to keep a constant supply of lush nutritious forage for deer all through the growing season. Recommended fertilizer rates are 100lb N 50lb P and 50lb K per acre at the time of seeding.

- High Palatability
- Grows Quickly
- Protein Rich Food
- Deer Can’t Resist It

  • Price (per lb):  Call
  • Seeding Rate: one 2lb package covers 1/4 acre