crimson clover

Crimson clover is a semi-upright winter annual legume that germinates quickly and prefers well drained soil. Crimson tends to remain actively growing in cooler temperatures when warmer season clovers go dormant. Crimson can be successfully established in both fall and spring. To maximize success in late summer plantings, seed at least 6-8 weeks before frost. Spring plant-ings should occur after all danger of frost has past.

• Strong nitrogen fixing and high biomass potential – N production will be greatest when termination occurs at or after bud stage
• Really good shade tolerance – suitable for interseeding plantings in grass cash crops
• Good option for hay or grazing
• Increases water-\ holding ability and flowering stands attract many beneficial insects and pollinators
• Suited for many cropping systems across the country, from potatoes to corn to wheat to cotton
• Hardy to USDA Zone 7 (0 – 5° F)

  • Price: call
  • Seeding per lb: 150,000
  • Seeding Rate (lb/acre): 10-15 (alone), 5-10 (in mixture)
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4" (drilled)