EAstern Gamagrass

Eastern Gamagrass

Eastern Gamagrass is a native, warm-season, perennial tall grass. The grass grows in large clumps from 1-4 feet in diameter, that spread by thick, knotty rhizomes and from seeds. The plant itself will grow to heights of 3-9 feet. Because it is highly palatable to livestock, more growers are including Eastern Gamagrass in mixtures with other warm-season grasses or are planting it in pure stands for hay production.

- Tall growing perennial clump grass
- Begins spring growth early
- Grows best in low areas
- Highly palatable by cattle
- Fairly flood tolerant
- “GRANDDAD” of Eastern US

  • Price (per lb):  Call
  • Seeding Rate (PLS lbs per acre): 8-10 (alone) or 2-3 (mixture)
  • Seeding Date: April 1 - May 1