Farm Land

This land is our lanD


Our approach


1. Closeouts and Review
Harvest Assessment: Discuss discount(s), program/product/policy updates.

2. Planning
Offer equipment / hardware / software review and updates; assist in whole-farm implementation plan.

3. Delivery
Provide a summary of final plan, including all product and plan specifics.

4. Planting
Perform a stand assessment and identify weed pressure(s).

5. Pollination
Scout for disease, pests, and grain set.

6. Harvest
Assist with projections, product evaluation, and timing.

Reports accompany these six critical moments throughout the year. This fundamental approach helps to normalize the decision-making process. Every year is different, so the decisions we make are unique to the season and often complex. Data collection and ground-truthing are essential to the decision making process; that’s why we work hard to refine information collected throughout the year to ensure the decisions we make are well-informed and timely.

This approach has helped our customers become more profitable. Quality data collection, interpretation, and timely delivery help in making the best decision. Making the most informed choice at the right time leads to better profits. 


Preferred Partners


Black Sand Granary offers a variety of services to maintain and optimize your farm land. Our expertise extends beyond the list you see below, so if you have any additional needs for your land, get in touch and we'll be happy to support you.

Full agronomy planning

- Soil Sampling, GIS/GPS mapping
   and data management
- Crop planning (fertilization, chemicals, seed)
- Cash rent agreements
- Custom farm agreements
- Sourcing of inputs
- Monitor production and practices
- Coordinate with government offices

Financial support

- Trust account distribution
- Close-outs
- Financial summaries
- Returns on investment (ROI)

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