floodplain native grass mix

Use this blend of deep-rooted grasses to re-establish damaged floodplains. This mixture also can withstand seasonal flooding and contains grasses with different levels of tolerance. The grasses in this mixture and their tolerance to inundation (standing water) vary: Reed Canarygrass and Western Wheatgrass have shown tolerance up to 60 days: Red Top, Switchgrass and Canada Wildrye, 15-30 days; Big Bluestem 7-14 days.

Temperature, soil type, water depth and age of stand all influence the grasses’ tolerance for inundation. Plants are more tolerant to flooding during early spring and hot summer months. This mixture is recommended along fluctuating shorelines, on dams and for lowland pasture.

Mixture Includes:

- Virginia Wildrye
- Switchgrass
- Canada Wildrye
 - Western Wheatgrass
- Reed Canarygrass
- Red Top
- Big Bluestem

  • Price (per lb):  Call
  • Seeding Rate (lbs per acre): 12-15
  • Seeding Date: Spring or after frost in the fall