Little bluestem


Little Bluestem is a very common native grass found in almost all states of the US. A smaller grass than Big Bluestem, it is slightly less palatable, but more drought resistant. A bunch-forming grass, Little Bluestem has a dense root system which enables it to grow on even the poorest and roughest ground. The stem and growth from previous years remain standing where it weathers to create a mulch. Growing best on medium or dry soils, new shoots are identifiable in early April and maturity is reached by late August to October.

- Highly drought resistant
- Excellent wildlife habitat
- Moderately shade tolerant
- Beautiful colors throughout the fall
- Great for low prairies, roadsides, near creeks & lakes
- Resistant to trampling

  • Price (per lb):  Call
  • Seeding Rate (PLS lbs per acre): 7-8
  • Seeding Date: June - August