This is NOT a Technical Bulletin

This is an article about common sense…mixed with a little bit of science. Despite some folks who are outside of production ag having a contrary opinion, the growers we work with are concerned about minimizing pesticide applications as well as the number of chemistries applied. This accomplishes 2 things: typically lowers the cost in application, and makes things simpler when implementing the control measure(s).

There is a line that gets crossed, especially in times like these; this line changes the conversation from that of QUALITY control to CHEAP control. Back to the common sense stuff:

  1. Layered Residual is IMPORTANT, if not ESSENTIAL for weed control.
  2.  A 2-Pass system, combining a pre-emerge/post-plant pass and an early-post pass with residual products is the most effective way to control a weed spectrum that germinates throughout the growing season [not all weeds flush at once].
  3. Large-seeded broadleaves are very difficult to control if not for layered residual chemistry.
  4. Multiple modes of action are a KEY component to controlling weeds accustomed to our cropping systems.
  5. The cost of a chemical program must be weighed against the cost of improper weed control. Understand what weeds are problematic in your operation.

Even if you aren’t dealing with problem weeds (weeds with known chemical resistance), others most definitely are. Below is an illustration of how resistance compounds on itself to create significant issues in yield:



   The Long Emergence Window of Water Hemp

As resistance persists, the problem becomes more difficult to correct. Once you have resistant biotypes in your field, a different approach to control is a necessity. Staying in front of the problem is the best pathway to profitability. Once a problem is recognized, the economics of finding a remedy become more difficult.

Click on the link below to view a document that details research DuPont and Pioneer have conducted; it gives an in-depth look at options to fix problems you may or will soon likely encounter with resistance.