Some of the early-planted corn is beginning to tassel. We are entering the reproductive portion of a plant's lifecycle.

What does this mean?

Count ahead 6 weeks – this is when you need to get serious about checking the maturity of your fields. We mark the calendar from the first tassel(s) as a reminder to begin preparations for the next month so we can begin to stage the silage harvest.

Note: most of the difference between hybrid relative maturity is between VE and VT – things progress very similarly regardless of hybrid once we enter the [R]eproductive Stages.

Reproductive Stages – How many days to ½ milk line?

Silking: 35-45 days to ½ milk line

Blister: 25-35 days to ½ milk line

Late Milk: 15-25 days to ½ milk line

Early Dent: 5-15 days to ½ milk line

Should we apply fungicide to corn used for silage?

1.   MAYBE!? Disease pressure, hybrid susceptibility, and application timing are critical.

2.   In the Northern Grain Belt, we’ve had plenty of moisture and heat to push disease pressure.

3.   Review hybrid ratings with service providers to select genetic platforms likely to respond favorably to application.

4.   Assess field history – do we have fields harboring or more likely to harbor diseases?

Why apply fungicide on SILAGE?

1.   Healthier plants help extend the “stay green” window as grain matures…which can increase starch content of the kernels [grain constitutes 45-50% of the silage yield]

2.   Improves Digestibility

3.   Widens Harvest Window