Most Fields are emerged and most have at least 2 or more developed trifoliate leaves:


At V2: Bradyrhizobia japonicum infect the roots and begin the formation of Nitrogen-fixing nodules

We should see mature nodules 28 days after infection:


At V1 – V3: between 12-15 nodes initiated on the main stem (Johnson et al, 1960)

At V5: root growth as much as .5 - .75”/day (Kasper et al., 1976)

At R1 [Beginning Bloom]:

  • Open flower at any node on the main stem
  • Flowering starts at the 3rd – 6th node between V6 – V10
  • Flowering lasts 3-4 weeks, approximately 6-8 weeks after VE
  • Vertical root growth rapidly increases to as much as 1.3 – 3.2”/day (Kasper et al., 1876)