Pea/Oat Mixtures



Sprint is a unique combination of the highest-producing pea and oat varieties, which are carefully selected to provide desirable standability, yield, protein content and nurse-crop characteristics. Pre-inoculated to ensure germination, harvest when the oats reach boot stage, 65 to 80 days after seeding.

Plant – as a nurse crop, 120 lbs./Acre; alone, 150 lbs./Acre


LC 6040 Forage peas were tested for forage yield and quality in a comparison test with Trapper Peas.

Features are:

  • Seed Quality **LC 6040 peas have a tougher seed coat than Trapper peas.
  • Dry Matter Yield **LC 6040 peas have longer vines, larger leaf surface, giving higher yield, more milk.
  • Stand Establishment **LC 6040 peas emerge faster, especially in cooler soils. The LC 6040 seed coat contains a more effective metabolic system that imparts the ability to germinate and emerge more rapidly, when soils are wet or cool.
  • Combine LC 6040 features with a superior brand of Caliber OATS, and the results will satisfy any discriminating dairy or beef producer. In some comparison tests the following observations were made:

Seeding Rate:

120 lbs. / Acre overseeded with Alfalfa
150 lbs. / Acre alone