Recreational Land

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Our Land Management Approach

1.  Acreage Assessment: determine crops, rotation, workload, capacities. Cost projections for work and/or production orders are conducted at this time, thus providing a budgeted framework to implement the plan if needed.

2.  Government Compliance & Submittal: after completing/refining the plan, relevant governmental reporting must be submitted. Paperwork and submittal are typically handled at the local office(s), but signatures may be sent remotely.

3.  Monitoring Workload: evaluate conditions and effectiveness of management. In cropping situations, we refer to our standardized process to work with operators if landowner is absent or inactive with field preparation. Most restorative projects take ongoing management to ensure success. Yearly assessment [at a minimum] is necessary to track progress.

4.  Reporting: verify acreage, crop(s) planted, and completed work orders with managing agencies and crop insurance service provider.

5.  Scheduling: assess crop development and collaborate with operation/operators. Track yields and monitor field-specific conditions for planning purposes.

6.  Mark and Review: provide closeouts comparing the framework [cost projections] vs actual outcomes. Provide detailed reports explaining variance in planning vs production. Included in review are summary reports that detail the closeout and transition into subsequent year.


Black Sand Granary offers a variety of services to support and manage your recreational and hunting land. Our expertise extends beyond the list you see below, so if you have any additional needs for your land, get in touch and we'll be happy to support you.



Timber Characteristics and species
Native habitat restoration
Cover crops and food plots
Fencing, boundaries and posting


Evaluate stands
Counts on nesting
Trail cameras
Farm visits during peak times



Upkeep and maintenance of CRP
Local relationships with government offices
Continual evaluation of government programs


Acquire tags
Coordinate with hunters
Support experience
Generate demand

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