Meadow bromegrass

Meadow bromegrass is an ideal pasture grass because of its high yields, rapid regrowth and excellent season long forage quality. Meadow bromegrass gives high forage yields uniformly throughout the growing season.  Meadow bromegrass is a Canadian variety developed at Agriculture Canada Research Station, Saskatoon, SK. Meadow bromegrass has narrower leaves than smooth bromegrass, and short hairs cover them. Regrowth of the meadow bromegrass is from the base of the leaf after grazing. This means regrowth is much faster than smooth bromegrass, which must grow from tillers. Meadow bromegrass leaves retain their greenness into the fall, and can be grazed until mid October. Meadow bromegrass is a non-creeping grass and unlike smooth bromegrass, it will not crowd out alfalfa or other grasses in the pasture.