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Providing solutions for growers seeking elevated return on investment:

Monitor Calibration, Install & Repair: Technicians are available for monitor install and calibration, data dump & load, and planter set-up and maintenance.  A large variety of sprayer and planter parts are always on-hand or available to order.


Precision Planting Pogostick:
This measuring device accurately measures spacing, singulation, and emergence data. Now some of the same data that planting monitors collect can be extended to post-planting as well.

Metermax Ultra Test Stand: 
Every 1% loss in singulation costs you up to 2.5 bushels per acre.  If your meters perform at less than 99% singulation, you are losing out on yield. Meter accuracy is easily measured with this in-house tool.

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Custom Seeding:  
Black Sand Granary provides custom cover crop seeding, along with a full line-up of seeds in stock.  Call our office for specific seeding information and pricing.

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