Winter Peas

Winter Peas are a rapid, low growing annual legume used across the country as a legume fixing cover crop and/or a quickly decomposing green manure crop. The forage value of winter peas, along with their overall management are benefited when planted alongside a cereal grain.

• Strong nitrogen fixer and very high biomass potential
• Quick growth good for weed suppression
• Plant 6-8 weeks before first frost to maximize growth and nitrogen production (bud stage or after)
• Hardy to USDA Zone 6 (-5 to -10° F)
• Spring Peas planted in fall (SF 125 & SF 140) need 60-90 days to maximize growth

  • Price (per lb):  Call
  • Seeding Rate (lbs per acre): 30-80 (alone) or 10-30 (mixture)
  • Seeding Date: Aug. - Sept.